CC#10 | Christian Evers (COO Engel & Völkers)

Disclaimer: This podcast is in English. 

Many people know Engel & Völkers primarily for the brokerage of premium residential property. Yet, the company has made great efforts in digitalizing their business model over the last couple of years.

Christian Evers is the COO of Engel & Völkers and responsible for their digital agenda. In the podcast, we talk about:

  • What digitalization means in the case of Engel & Völkers
  • What effect the setup of digital teams has on corporate culture
  • What digital best practices exist in the real estate market today

Also: We have another COMMERCE CORNER 15 Q&A ping-pong in which we get to know Christian Evers from his personal side.



01:42 | Who is Christian Evers?

04:20 | How is the real estate market structured?

05:29 | What is the business model of Engel & Völkers?

07:36 | Who are Engel & Völkers’ competitors?

09:12 | What is the USP of E&V?

11:10 | How challenging is it to acquire new properties?

12:21 | What does digitalization mean to Engel & Völkers?

17:00 | From a buyer perspective: Doesn’t it make sense to cut out the middleman (agent)?

18:56 | What are examples for digitalization at E&V?

25:15 | How was the E&V digital infrastructure developed?

26:00 | Digital Partner eco-system

26:45 | E&V has an in-house development team

31:23 | How did E&V manage the (cultural) change towards a more digital organization?

34:50 | Why is the digital team based In the headquarter and not somewhere else?

37:10 | How is the digital team incorporated into the existing organizational setup?

39:33 | What is your motivation to digitalize?

44:58 | How do you stay up to date on digital topics?

46:58 | Is there a digital best-practice in the real estate market?

49:08 | COMMERCE CORNER 15: Q&A Ping Pong with Christian Evers

52:33 | How was Christian Evers recruited to E&V?

55:39 | What are your favorite books?

56:20 | How would you describe your management style?

57:05 | How do you hire people?

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  • #1

    Jean Robra (Donnerstag, 08 März 2018 09:58)

    Fantastic interview and a pleasure to listen to both of your great English.