CC#23 | Panel debate on EU digital competitiveness vs. USA/CN

"Digital laggard Europa: Are we risking our future against Silicon Valley and China?"

This was the question we debated during the top client event “eXperience Day” of Arvato and its digital agency Friends of C. in Berlin. On stage: Florian Heinemann (Project A), Stephan Schambach (Newstore), Thomas Heilmann (CDU), Tu-Lam Pham (Digital IQ). Very relevant question and very lively and interesting debate. For some follow-up research check out the shownotes below.

Pls. enjoy!



Minute overview:

00:00:56 // Introduction, statistics on the overriding panel question

00:02:44 // Introduction of panellists: Dr. Tu-Lam Pham, Dr. Florian Heinemann, Thomas Heilmann, Stephan Schambach

00:05:53 // Tu-Lam about his experiences since he posted a video snippet where he talked about his view on Germany’s shortcomings versus China

00:07:23 // Thomas shares his conviction that Python classes in school are not the answer

00:09:35 // Stephan: “software is eating the world” and emphasizes the importance of coding skills

00:11:48 // Florian explains how network effects make scale and size so important and that going forward an SME based economy is globally not competitive

00:13:40 // Even European born unicorns like Spotify, Auto1 etc. are now owned mostly by non-European investors

00:15:45 // From a rationale perspective Germany is a less beneficial ecosystem for tech entrepreneurs and investors etc.

00:17:18 // Stephan founded Demandware + Newstore in the US because of stock exchange ecosystems / IPO opportunities

00:19:55 // Stephan together with a group of supporters tried to resurrect the German “Neuer Markt”

00:20:37 // Tu-Lam: big corporates in CN outspend foreign startup entries with investments into local startups (e.g. Didi vs. Uber)

00:22:09 // How can politics foster a more ambitious investment culture in Europe?

00:24:20 // Armand asks Thomas what politicians can do proactively and not just describe the problems

00:27:40 // Florian: Absence of corporates acquiring tech companies at high prices compared to US (exception: Munich Re/Relayr) + lack of expertise in valuing tech companies

00:32:10 // What strategy would Florian follow as a CEO of a corporate?

00:33:08 // Stephan rejects the “cultural hypothesis”

00:34:15 // How do members of the Bundestag stay digitally up-to-date?

00:35:03 // Thomas: voters (=his customers) don’t care about digitalization

00:36:05 // Tu-Lam questions why there is no budget for broadband infrastructure expansion

00:38:34 // What role does the addressable market size play? We need a pan-European approach

00:41:36 // Tu-Lam explains how he has completely given up hope into politics

00:42:40 // Thomas: the digital elite doesn’t understand politicians and vice versa

00:49:09 // Florian believes GDPR is a good example how regulation can harm competitiveness

00:51:10 // Is the European democracy a competitive disadvantage?

00:52:24 // Thomas refers to the economic rise of Berlin at the end of the 19th century, based on pre-democracy regulations

00:55:15 // Closing round outlook: What can each one of us do to make a change?

00:59:10 // Audience question 1: How do the panelists teach their children digital competency?

01:07:00 // Audience question 2: Are we Europeans not hungry enough? Are we too satisfied?


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